Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Solar Eclipse

Maya tries out the solar eclipse glasses
Not much new to report.  I'm working charters on the east side of Vancouver Island while Tara's in Portland finishing the brightwork project.  She's got a couple coats of Natural Teak on the port side and making progress.  I really miss her and the girls but we do get to Skype almost daily.  Sometimes internet on the yacht is less than reliable depending on where we are.

Last week we had a solar eclipse with something like 99% of the sun blocked out.  The path of totality, where it became completely dark, passed through Oregon creating quite a bit of tourist activity being one of only two states where you could experience it on the beach.  The other was South Carolina.  Pretty cool, I was underway down the Columbia and it got dark enough to cause all the aids to navigation lights to come on.

I'll be doing the yacht thing for a couple more weeks returning to the family September 8th.  Really looking forward to getting home but it has been a fun job so far.  Yesterday a 200 foot yacht pulled into the marina were we're preparing for the next charter.  The boat I'm on is 108 feet according to the Coast Guard, 121 feet overall, but that thing made ours feel small!

With most everything ready to go for the next trip I'm taking a day off.  About to catch the next Coho ferry run across the straight to Victoria where I'll wander around and people watch.  We're currently docked in Port Angeles which is a relatively small town with a few touristy things but not a whole lot to do, and the 90 minute ferry ride is actually kind of cool and relaxing.

That's all for now.

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  1. That eclipse was fun. I was home taking Splunk training and walked out to the street right before totality. It was like being in a sepia picture from the 1800s.