Monday, August 7, 2017

Refinishing Exterior Brightwork

Tara applies a coat of Natural Teak Cetol on the bowsprit
When we bought Junovia a few years ago the Cetol on her brightwork had already been neglected and was starting to peel off.  We were planning to completely strip and refinish it so just basically let it go while we took care of more pressing projects.  In some spots the teak became completely exposed and even turned gray.

On June 26th we began stripping the exterior wood starting with cabin-top handrails and eyebrow which are now finished.  The stairs were removed and also refinished during this time.  Stripping was done mostly with Tara using a heat gun and sharpened putty knife.  This is being followed by sanding the rest off with 60-80 grit sandpaper and then a finish sanding with 150 and then 220 grit.  A good wipe-down is then done with acetone before we tape and apply the first coat.  Saturday, August 5th, we finally finished prepping the starboard cap-rail, rub-rail & bowsprit and got the first coat on.  After much research and debate we decided to stay with Cetol putting down 3 coats of Natural Teak before 3 coats of Clear Gloss.  It's looking good!
Old Cetol Peeling Off

Going forward we're planning to do a light sanding and put down a layer of the Clear Gloss once or twice a year.  Completely stripping and re-finishing everything ourselves will hopefully help us stick to that plan.  I'm certainly hopeful this is the last time we'll do this to Junovia.

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