Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby on Board

Our new crew member, Maya Jo Powning, was born via Cesarean Section 15:03 August 3rd, 2015 at Legacy Emanual Medical Center in Portland, OR.  With how quickly she was growing and the risk of loosing her if the Vasa Previa vessels broke Tara's doctors recommended we pull her out at 35 weeks.

Everything went surprisingly well considering she was 5 weeks premature.  The procedure was normal without complications and Maya came out screaming and kicking at 5 pounds, 6 ounces and 18 inches tall.  We were prepared for her to have to go into neonatal intensive care for a couple weeks but because she was able to breathe on her own with good oxygen levels in her blood and started eating, pooing and peeing within hours of her birth she stayed with us from day one.  The hospital kept a monitor on her to watch her blood oxygen and heart-rate but after 24 hours everything looked good so that was removed and she's been detached from any machines since.

Four more days were spent in the hospital for Tara's initial recovery and to make sure Maya stopped loosing weight.  Today is number four with her aboard Junovia and everything is great so far.  We're feeding her every three hours which is a bit exhausting but have gotten used to it.

Getting started feeding a baby born by c-section is complicated in itself, on top of that we have the added factor of her being five weeks premature.  A really great thing about this hospital is they gave us the option to use donated breast milk (instead of factory formula) until Tara's milk came in which took a few days.  So every few hours a nurse would bring us a container of human milk.  After an initial "training session" on Tara I would feed her using my pinkie and a syringe while Tara hooked up a breast pump to get her body going.  Initially we fed her 20 milliliters per session and increased to 35 before getting discharged.  On the third day Tara's production jumped up enough that we were able to ween her off the donor milk and use our own.

At this point she weighed 2.235kg, a little under 5 pounds, so had lost some weight but was leveling out and on the up-swing.  I don't recall the exact weight but Sunday we had our first follow-up and she had gained a bit which means things are going good.  We're currently supplementing 50ml using a bottle after she gets some directly from Tara and she's been able to get enough directly from Tara on a couple of feedings.  Sucking all her food directly from Tara at this premature age wears Maya out so we'll be giving her the bottle as well for a while even when Tara is around.

Tara continues to experience a fair amount of pain despite heavy pain killers and is taking it easy.  They cut through a number of layers during the C-section and it's a bit of a shock to her system to have the baby and placenta suddenly removed.  It takes weeks for the uterus to contract back to a normal size.  Hopefully she'll be mostly back to normal towards the end of August.

So, yay!  We are very fortunate and stoked new parents of the cutest baby ever.  Now to find the perfect sailing dinghy for her...  Anyone have a nice El Toro for sale?

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