Sunday, July 5, 2015

We're Pregnant!

Well, we've been pregnant for a while.

It seems I have yet to share this on our blog but early this year we succeeded at boot-strapping our first child with a due date of September 7th, it's a girl.  Unfortunately, and fortunately because we caught it early, Tara was diagnosed with a condition called vasa previa.  The placenta is made of two parts separated by exposed blood vessels which cross the cervix.  Our baby is healthy and everything is going fine otherwise but there is a risk of loosing her (the baby) if the vessels break which could easily happen if the cervix dilates.  This also means Tara will not be able to experience a natural birth and instead will have a planned Cesarean section.  Also, as a precaution, last week at 30 weeks, she has been admitted to Legacy Emanual hospital for continuous monitoring.  If she starts to have contractions, the cervix dilates, or it looks like anything is happening they can have her ready for an emergency C-section in minutes.  We're hoping nothing changes and we can go into a planned C-section at 36 weeks which would be around August 10th.  Now we're definitely going to have to find a sailing dinghy for our kids to learn on.  Unfortunately Oregon doesn't allow you to drive any motorized boat (sailing or not) until 12 years of age, so I guess our kids might learn to sail a real boat on the open ocean.

Anywho, we're reaching the end of her first week in the hospital and Tara's doing well considering.  They're not letting her do any cardio exercises but she's finding ways to keep from bouncing off the walls.  Her setup is pretty nice with a comfortable room, internet, great nurses and plenty of visitors.

More to come soon...