Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Fire Extinguishers

The Coast Guard requires at least 3 type B-I or one type B-I and one type B-II portable fire extinguishers aboard recreational boats between 40 and 65 feet.  We did have 3 type B-I's but during the survey these were called out as a safety issue for not being tagged.  They were all within the green and appeared in good shape so I probably would never have messed with them if our insurance company didn't demand we resolve the survey findings (before April).

So, yesterday, Tara brought them to a local fire safety company to have them inspected and tagged.  It turns out that because they're plastic and so old that two of them are no longer legit and the third would have to go through some sort of overnight pressure test because it's plastic.  I was also surprised to have them tell us that because the needles were in the lower end of the green mark on the gauges that they need to be recharged anyway.

So, $150 later and we have three new type ABC filled with monoammonium phosphate complete with 2015 tags.  Many boaters use B or BC extinguishers which are easier to cleanup after an incident but I'm trying to follow ABYC standards as much as possible and they recommend ABC.

Anywho, hopefully we'll never have to use them - and now I can tell our insurance company that we've complied with all of their requirements.

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