Saturday, March 14, 2015

46 CFR 67.123 - Name and hailing port marking requirements

When we bought Junovia she still had a previous name, "Jenny-V" on the stern which Tara managed to get off using a 3M Stripe Off wheel in the electric drill.  Since then some time has gone into considering different designs, fonts, colors, etc. for new markings but in the end we decided to keep it simple.  We had basic vinyl lettering printed out by NW Sign Solutions where a friend works (thanks Sara) and they turned out to be pretty easy to put on.

We got a tip from friends on the dock (thanks Jay and Carolee) to spray windex under the vinyl to keep it from immediately sticking allowing us to make slight adjustments to the position and completely wipe out any bubbles.  This turned out to be a good idea and I'd definitely do it again next time.  Two things we did wrong were:

  • Not enough windex on one set resulting in immediate sticking and a couple minor wrinkles that took some effort to iron out.  The windex did make us a bit lazy about getting it right initially.
  • Got some windex on the port name before exposing the sticky side.  This prevented it from properly sticking to the backing paper that keeps everything lined up.  We had to wait much of the day for that windex to evaporate so the letters would again stick to the paper before we could put the port on.  It looked like we were going to be ordering a replacement but in the end it turned out fine.
After putting the vinyl into place and wiping the bubbles out we left the backing paper on for a few hours for the windex to evaporate before exposing the final names.  The process was initially a bit stressful for me but we're both very happy with how it turned out.

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