Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Offer on Pearson 422

For a couple years we've been searching for a bluewater sailboat that will be comfortable to live aboard.  Countless hours have been spent researching different designs, reading and re-reading every entry on Yachtworld, Sailboat Listings and even Craigslist.  However, we decided to hold off physically looking at any boats for sale until a remodel project on our second house was complete, sold and we were ready to pay with cash.  We accomplished this in August and eventually spent our first free Saturday (9/20) looking at the local candidates.

I didn't expect to find something that would fit us in Portland so approached this day as practice for looking at boats.  We crawled all over a 1974 LeComte Fastnet 45 priced at $59,000 and a 1977 Valiant 40 priced at $79,900 before looking at a 1985 Pearson 422 priced at $94,500.

The Pearson is a little less salty than I thought we wanted but technically meets all of our requirements and we really liked the layout inside and out.  It's also incredibly convenient that it was already located in our area just across the river in Vancouver, WA, especially since this is our first time buying a big boat.  So, after researching Pearson 422's and 424's for a week we made on offer for $85K this past Friday.  Monday the seller countered for $88K and we accepted.  Their broker now has $8800 of our cash and we are getting survey's and a sea trial scheduled, hopefully next week.


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