Monday, September 29, 2014

CYC Fall Regatta

Besides sweeping all the moss off our roof and clearing the gutters before the winter rains start we spent our weekend aboard Joe Hoffman's Elixir competing in the CYC Fall Regatta.  After two days of fantastic racing with fair NW breeze we came in solid second.

With one exception in which we didn't notice the committee had begin a start sequence for our fleet until about a minute before the start Elixir took line honors in every race.  However, due to handicap corrections based on PHRF-NW we were pushed back to second behind Knuckle Buster to whom we owe a bit over 30 seconds per mile.

At one point we had Knuckle Buster come up to our windward side when we wanted to sail higher.  They denied our call for room to head up forcing us to stay down and go around the pin end of the finish line towards the mark rather than allowing us to sail hotter around the boat end.  Both boats declared protest, we'll have to see what comes of that but I suspect it'll be forgotten with time rather than ever get in front of a committee.

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